El Blunto Cannagars: Luxurious Experience

Albert Einstones logo

Desert’s Finest has added a new classy smoke to our wide variety of prerolled flower.

Albert Einstone’s new ‘El Blunto’ Line has 1.75 grams of the highest-quality cannabis and is wrapped in hemp and contains zero tobacco. It also includes a high-end glass filter tip.  You can get your very own ‘El Blunto’ for $35 (including tax:)

To refresh our collective memories, a cannagar is like a cigar, but only in shape. A cannagar contains no tobacco, whereas a cigar is totally tobacco. They do not burn your tongue with fire/smoke, and the size is just right for a sesh with a couple of friends. The cultivars are of the loud variety and they seem to do the trick with a minimum of fuss.

See you at the shop!