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What are Sugar Leaves?

The title “sugar leaves” comes from the white coating of delicious trichomes they have at the end of the flowering phase. While fan leaves also have trichomes, they are far less concentrated and therefore, less potent. However, fan leaves can still be used when making edibles.

(Royalqueenseeds.com, 2019)
Sugar Trim = Delicious, Savory, Goodness!

Sugar leaves make excellent cannabutter and concentrate. You can mix these in with fan leaves and stems, then add some oil or butter to extract and activate the cannabinoids. With this, you’ll be able to make anything from weed brownies to infused steaks. Even though the leaves don’t have as high of a natural THC content as buds, by concentrating them, they can become extremely potent. With enough trim, you’ll make a decent edible batch for you and the squad. Just strain all plant matter out of the finished product. With this, you’ll be sure to end up with the same results as if you had used flower.

(Royalqueenseeds.com, 2019)

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